Standalone module - you downloaded ftpfs-x.x.x-k2.4.tar.gz

In order to build the module, you need to have the kernel headers installed. All distributions install the headers by default. The latest however, seem to install some weird headers which cannot be used to build modules. In this case I recommend using the original kernel headers, or better yet, recompile the kernel with FTPfs support using the kernel patch.

Also make sure you have the package corresponding to your kernel version (ftpfs-x.x.x-k2.4 for kernel 2.4). The 2.2 branch is dead so I strongly recommend you update to 2.4.

Executing make install as root, in the directory where you uncompressed the archive should build and install the ftpfs.o module & ftpmount.

If you're looking for some really neat stuff, try the autofs/automount + ftpfs combination. It kicks ass! Run make install_automount and you'll (hopefully:) get an automounted /mnt/ftpfs directory.

You're done.

Of course, everything can be uninstalled: just execute make uninstall or make uninstall_automount. Who would do such a terrible thing?!

The kernel patch - you downloaded ftpfs-x.x.x-k2.4.x.patch.gz

As I'm sure you know, you need the kernel source. Suppose it is installed in /usr/src/linux/.To apply the patch:

cp ftpfs-x.x.x-k2.4.x.patch.gz /usr/src
cd /usr/src
gunzip ftpfs-x.x.x-k2.4.x.patch.gz
cat ftpfs-x.x.x-k2.4.x.patch | patch -Np0

Next you configure, compile & install the new kernel. For instructions, please consult a more reliable source. Don't forget to enable FTPfs support when configuring the kernel (File Systems/Network File Systems).

cd linux
make xconfig
make dep
make bzImage
make modules

Since ftpmount could not be included in the patch, you'll have to download & install it too (if you wish). In the directory you unpacked ftpmount, run:

make install

That should do it.