FTP File System

!!! This project has been obsoleted by LUFS (UserLand FileSystem) which besides ftpfs supports sshfs and some others. Please use the new implementation. !!!

FTP File System is a Linux kernel module, enhancing the VFS with FTP volume mounting capabilities. That is, you can "mount" FTP shared directories in your very personal file system and take advantage of local files ops.

"What? Another file system? Why? Who needs FTP volumes locally mounted?"
Well, I do. I sit on a huge LAN whose "enlightened" users just thought that FTP is the best way to share stuff because of superior bandwidth control. So SAMBA almost perished and all the multimedia goodies switched on FTP overnight. Getting quickly tired of the new access routine {squeeze_HDD(); downloadMovie(); watchThaBitch();} I decided to put those nice VFS features at use and write a module which would allow me to operate on the remote files locally.

So I did this thing, and here I am writing boring docs while listening at some guy's FTP-shared music.

I hope that some of you folks will find it as useful as I did, and even if you don't, you can still take a look at it (Hey! It's a Linux enhancement and we love to see the birdie grow!).

Florin Malita

P.S. For those looking for Linux muscle, here's my Resume (HTML version).

Email: mali@users.sourceforge.net